Mark HigginsMark Higgins

Stephen McIntyreStephen McIntyre

Callan McCannCallan McCann

Alison GordonAlison Gordon
Passed First Time
It took me a good few months to learn to drive, it's something I'd been putting off for years, but it's been one of the best things I've done. Richard throughout the whole process was extremely patient, encouraging and trusting. Everything was taken at a pace which I felt comfortable with, and my skills gradually improved over time, to the point where I took my test and passed first time, which was unbelievable! I now feel confident and excited about being out on the road, and I would recommend Richard to anybody who's looking to learn to drive. Best instructor around! There's always decent chat to be had too!

Stuart Noble, CumbernauldStuart Noble, Cumbernauld
I really enjoyed learning with Richard. He's an excellent instructor, very friendly and very helpful. The course is split up into well-planned lessons and the Driving Skills Workbook gives you all the information you need before starting each lesson. The car was comfortable to drive and made learning much easier. Great instructor and I would definitely recommend him. Thanks Richard!

Molly Ross, AirdrieMolly Ross, Airdrie

Katriona Wilson, GlasgowKatriona Wilson, Glasgow

Danielle Ward, CumbernauldDanielle Ward, Cumbernauld

Kerry Watts, CumbernauldKerry Watts, Cumbernauld

Danielle Donaldson, FalkirkDanielle Donaldson, Falkirk

Ismail Adams, GlasgowIsmail Adams, Glasgow

David Munro, CumbernauldDavid Munro, Cumbernauld

Shannon Hall, CumbernauldShannon Hall, Cumbernauld

John Fulton, CumbernauldJohn Fulton, Cumbernauld

Stephen Corbet, MotherwellStephen Corbet, Motherwell

Liam Hislop, BonnybridgeLiam Hislop, Bonnybridge

James Fraser, CumbernauldJames Fraser, Cumbernauld










Jonathon - KilsythJonathon - Kilsyth

Jonathan - KildrumJonathan - Kildrum

John - CondorratJohn - Condorrat

Janine - KildrumJanine - Kildrum

James - TwecharJames - Twechar

Jamie - EastfieldJamie - Eastfield
A very good instructor; very reliable. Plain and simple instruction.

Donna - AbronhillDonna - Abronhill
I would like to say thanks for all your help and patience! I love driving and it's all down to you. Thank you very much.

Ian - CarbrainIan - Carbrain
Richard is a very good driving instructor. Highly recommended. 10 out of 10.

Jade - FalinJade - Falin

Jacqueline - MoodiesburnJacqueline - Moodiesburn

Hugh - CowieHugh - Cowie

Gi-Lum - WesterwoodGi-Lum - Westerwood

Gemma - CarbrainGemma - Carbrain

Gary - SeafarGary - Seafar

Garry - CarbrainGarry - Carbrain

Fiona - VillageFiona - Village

Evan - KilsythEvan - Kilsyth

Emma - SeafarEmma - Seafar

Emma - LinlithgowEmma - Linlithgow

Duncan - SmithstoneDuncan - Smithstone

Catriona - AbronhillCatriona - Abronhill
Richard is the best instructor by far! I would highly recommend him to everyone; really friendly and brings out the best in you. I re-sat my test after losing confidence after a car accident and I never thought I would get behind the wheel again. Richard was so helpful, kind, friendly and helped me to relax and to find my confidence again. I am now back driving and loving it! I wouldn't have done it without such a great instructor.

Agnieszka - TaynuiltAgnieszka - Taynuilt

Alan - MoodiesburnAlan - Moodiesburn

Alex - GreenfauldsAlex - Greenfaulds

Amanda - TwecharAmanda - Twechar

Anna - LarbertAnna - Larbert

Ashley - CraigmarlochAshley - Craigmarloch

Billie Jayne - GreenfauldsBillie Jayne - Greenfaulds

Cathleen - KilsythCathleen - Kilsyth

Claire - SeafarClaire - Seafar

Colin - KildrumColin - Kildrum

Courtney - GlenboigCourtney - Glenboig

Craig - SeafarCraig - Seafar

Darien - WesterwoodDarien - Westerwood

Darren - KilsythDarren - Kilsyth

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